Carlos Castaneda

If there are little glows bumped up against your assemblage point then you have inorganic beings affecting you like they do everyone. You will need to make your assemblage point unpalatable to the inorganic beings that are feeding on your energy and influencing your perception. There is more than one kind of inorganic being, learn about the ones that are affecting humanity. Clear the egg itself of all inorganic beings. Start at the core of the egg. You can become so still at the exact location in you, that the inorganic being is touching, on an energy level (egg - assemblage point) that you actually bring the inorganic beings perception to a stand still which causes them to drift off in a bewildered state if held long enough. Grabbing the agglutinizing force at the center of the egg is usually the only way to be still enough and completely aback of the influence of the inorganic beings perception coming into yours. You have to learn to be in the core of your egg not being controlled by inorganic beings perception. "They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind." ~ Don Juan from The Active Side of Infinity ~ Learn to shift your assemblage point. A "shift" is to shift your emphasis from one group of bundles passing through the assemblage point to another group of bundles passing through your assemblage point. Learn to rearrange the bundles of luminous fibers you are lighting up. Learn to let go of unneeded bundles. Learn to light up bundles that are not lit. Learn to light up bundles so they are lit beyond your assemblage points little glow. This is needed to progress beyond self-absorption. Learn to move your assemblage point to other locations and then back again to the optimal position. Resolve any conditions that the egg or the eggs compartments have. Learn to adapt to living your life without having inorganic beings. (This step is more difficult than then one would ever imagine.) What is left when the egg is gone burned from the fire from within?


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